Fitness by nature is a very intrapersonal experience, and as such, the only true way to judge a fitness program is to do it. It is by having a first person experience that we can see, look, and feel for ourselves. However, it is pretty darn hard to offer such from afar. That means you will have to make do with the next best option: listening to what others, who have "done it", have to say about their experience!

We hope that you take your time to read through some of the comments given by previous "bootcampers". Knowing what others have to say about Tara's Bootcamp might help you in deciding to join us!

Are you a Bootcamper, past or present, & would like give your input? If so, send it HERE!


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Dana K. - Whitehouse, NJ

I’m happy to report I can slip on my size 5 skinny jeans again...

...Couldn’t even get them over my thighs before! Few more weeks (and pounds lost) and I know I’ll be able to zip them up comfortably again. Thanks for your training!
Lisa MG. - Somerville, NJ

I cannot say enough good things about Tara's Bootcamp and Tara herself. 23 months after having my first child...

...and not being able to lose any weight or get my body back into shape, I realized I needed to do something different. Call it divine intervention or pure happenstance, one August afternoon when going through my mail, I dropped my local advertisement circular and the page it opened to was for Tara's Bootcamp. I thought, was this the something different I needed? My fitness level was at a 0, but I made the phone call anyway, and I am so glad I did. It was the right decision for me. 7 weeks later – I have lost about 12 pounds BUT THE EXCITING PART IS I am down 2 almost three pant sizes. While I would love the numbers on the scale to drop even more, I am finally am starting to feel like me again and do not run from the mirror anymore or dread shopping. The sessions are fun (yes I said fun), great, ever evolving and you work to your fitness level. Although I thought my lungs were going to explode after the first class and my body was as sore as it ever had been, I can say that after the third class I felt great. My fitness level has increased and I continue to push myself to make healthier choices and fitness a priority. All of this is done under the tutelage of Tara who is so very knowledgeable in all areas of health and fitness. She really is an inspirational coach, provides the perfect amount of encouragement, advice and genuinely wants you to succeed. She is a true friend in fitness. I cannot thank her enough! "treats".
IAlison E. - Branchburg, NJ

I had suffered from on and off back pain but...

...after joining Tara's Boot Camp my back pain has diminished almost completely as I have strengthened my core and then some! Tara is a great motivator and helps you see that small changes in your diet and with your exercise it makes a big difference. "treats".
Ivo V. - Middletown, NJ

Tara is the greatest! If you are thinking of joining a similar group...

...If you are thinking of joining a similar group, look at Tara's bootcamp first. After 40-plus pounds lost in 3.5months, I can say this is the best investment and other similar camps do not have Tara. Her classes are always challenging and never the same. I traveled over 1 hour to get to the class and every time is all worth it. The group now is a family extension. I am going out of state and I will miss Tara and especially the 5:30p group. All the best and happy "treats".
Nancy W. - Branchburg, NJ

Best thing I have ever done for myself!!! I had complained about my weight gain to my husband...

...for the past few years and he kept telling me I would find something that worked for me. Saw an ad for Tara's Bootcamp in the Branchburg News on a Sunday night after returning from a weekend of over indulgence at the beach. Called my best friend and asked her if she wanted to join Bootcamp starting the next day at 6:00am.....Tara still had 2 openings and agreed to let us join the class. First day, I was huffing and puffing but felt great after completing class. (I WAS NOT an exerciser...but NOW LOVE it!) Each class got abit easier and easier. After my first week....I had lost 7 lbs. and knew this is what "would work for me". After my first month, I lost 14.4 lbs.....I was completely psyched! I reached my ultimate goal after 3 months of bootcamp. I am down 30 lbs. and have kept the weight off with Tara's camp and a sensible diet. I am still a "bootcamper" and plan to continue. Tara is very motivating and her high energy makes you want to work harder and harder. I have met so many nice people and look forward to bootcamp and enjoy it immensely. Thank you, Tara!!!!
Caitlin O. - Branchburg, NJ

Tara is the best! I am a college student who grew up playing soccer all my life...

...I am used to the "no pain, no gain" work out and I really, really wanted that back. I started Tara's bootcamp on a trial run, but now I can't get enough! The bootcamp really brings back the team unity feel and everyone working towards the ultimate goal to succeed. I look forward to bootcamp every morning at 6 am and miss it on the days we don't have it! I feel my body changing every week and love it! If a college student can scrounge up the money for a second month (and many more to come) of Tara's bootcamp, then you know it HAS to be great!
Susan A. - Branchburg, NJ

Spending my summer mornings at Tara's Bootcamp was one of the best gifts I gave myself last year...

...I soon looked forward to the 6 am classes and the physical challenges Tara would present. I enjoyed Wednesday mornings the most when the class would do drills in the baseball field. As the summer went on, I focused on improving my performance and working hard each morning. Really, it never felt like work because I was enjoying each session. Tara made it fun with her enthusiasm for exercise and constant motivation.

Tara brought out the innner athlete in me and helped me to see at 51 years of age, I can be a strong, female athlete. Tara motivated me to set a goal to complete a 5K run. On Thanksgiving morning, I ran the Flemington Turkey Trot with a respectable time and a smile on my face. In 2010, I am aiming to complete a 10K run and to again spend my summer mornings at Tara's Bootcamp!
Maryann W. - Branchburg, NJ

I have been involved in boot camp for a year now off and on. I started because I had about 10 pounds...

...that I wanted to drop and tone up but I was just not getting anywhere doing it on my own. I saw the ad in the local paper for Tara's bootcamp and decided that it would be a great idea. So I joined and I really got a great workout three times a week, something that I just could not do at home. She is an excellent teacher/trainer and works you really hard and at the end of the day you feel so much better. I also learned how to eat right and make better choices with food. Between the outstanding workout and the food plan the pounds and inches just came off. I felt alot better about myself and my body, I felt like I had alot more energy and I was making better choices when I went out to dinner or when I did my grocery shopping. The emails she sends are very inspiring and really encourage you to move ahead in the right direction with you health. The worst thing about bootcamp is waking up at the crack of dawn, but once you are up it is all worth it in the long run. Tara is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for helping us folks who need that extra push and motivation. Keep up the good work and lots of success for you and your passion.
Maresa C. - Branchburg, NJ

Tara's Bootcamp changed my life. Sounds extreme, but it is true! I was about to turn the dreaded five-oh...

...and needed to step up my current exercise routine - it just wasn't getting the results I needed. Tara's Bootcamp showed me that I could have fun, meet new people and achieve amazing fitness results. At first I couldn't even climb stairs without pain after the workouts, but eventually I was able to not only get through the hour, but feel great all day afterwards! I dropped 20 lbs. from bootcamp and am still looking forward to the next class to continue toward my goal. Tara is so motivating and such a wealth of information about fitness and nutrition - a key component to any weight loss or toning plan. Try Tara's Bootcamp for one month and then you will be addicted like I am!
Jessica R. - Whitehouse Station, NJ

I had the pleasure of joining Tara's Boot Camp in August and September of 2009. Although I was not sure...

...if it was for me, I quickly realized that it was for ANYONE! It was nothing like what you hear...with a screaming maniac over your shoulder pushing you to do more. Tara is one of the most inspiring people I have met. She works with you, at your speed, and is there to offer assistance as needed. The social experience with the other boot campers is a plus. Through Bootcamp, I increased my endurance, felt incredible and lost over 10 lbs. I encourage everyone who is interested in a challenge that is fun, different, and good for you, to give Tara's Boot Camp a try...YOU WON"T REGRET IT!!!
Tish W. - Branchburg, NJ

At Tara's Bootcamp, exercise is never boring. Tara makes a point to...

...vary the workouts. You never know what to expect. This variety makes Bootcamp challenging, interesting, and, yes, even fun. In addition, Tara is a great "drill instructor". She is genuinely interested in each and every camper and manages to provide just the right amount of encouragement each of us needs when we need it.
Laura J.- Branchburg, NJ

I just started my 4th month of Tara's Bootcamp and have lost about 15 pounds and feel better both...

...physically and mentally than I have in a very long time. I cannot emphasize enough how much it has changed my overall self for the better. Tara will make you work hard – but she will also encourage you, inspire you, and work right alongside you. She is positive, reassuring, dedicated – and will kick your butt. She also will help give you the perfect excuse for a new wardrobe.
Marie S. - Bridgewater, NJ

I started Tara's Boot camp weighing the most I have ever weighed in my life...

...Somehow I allowed excess weight to creep up on me. I saw an ad for Tara's Boot camp in the local paper and thought it sounded like the perfect solution. Was I ever right! Down 20 lbs. I am feeling so much better and continue to find things in the closet to wear, that I couldn't even button before. I use to hate getting up early in the morning and I certainly never exercised. Tara has changed all of that! She is a great instructor, a fabulous motivator and an excellent example of following your passion. I am so happy for her growing success! I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to loseweight or just tone up.
Heather H. - Flemington, NJ

I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the motivation to keep going to reach my goal!! I had been...

...working out on my own since mid-Jan but was getting tired/bored of the gym. Your workouts gave me the variety that I needed! Plus the strength to carry my dress around the airport, it really works out your biceps. I looked great in my dress (should of ordered a size smaller!) You can really see the difference by looking at the corset. The one picture is from the middle of jan and other of course is from the wedding day. The corset wasn't even tied that tight as there was no more room to take it in!
Michele K. - Branchburg, NJ

What can I say! Tara's bootcamp is part of my life. Our 5:30pm camp is like family...

...We support and applaud our campmates' accomplishments. Tara makes her intense workout enjoyable. She is our biggest cheerleader. Recently she encouraged several of us to participate in a 10K. I was so nervous, I never even tried a 5K! Much to my surprise, my endurance to successfully complete the run. Bootcamp makes me feel stronger, look toner and gives me a positive outlook on myself.
Jim L. - Bridgewater, NJ

As I approach 40, I realize I have let the past decade get the better of my waistline and health...

... I decided to make a change, for life. After talking with Tara I knew that her bootcamp would be the path that led me home. I was right. Even though I still have a long way to go, I have made great progress, as you can see from my record! Not only has my physcial health improved, my ability to fully participate in everything that life has to offer has increased. I couldn't be more thrilled. The discipline of waking up early and working hard has really paid off. I owe it all to Tara and her ability to motivate and train me.